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Dizal sets itself apart from the competition by using an HD scanner to take a digital image of several planks of wood, then prints these images onto the aluminum planks using premium inks. Dizal is made up of heavy-duty aluminum, a primer coat to ensure adhesion to the HD printing of the images, and a UV barrier that provides long-term protection against UV rays and fading. Dizal comes in three different profiles: v-groove, flat, and channeled; all with varying widths from 3" to 8" and 16' long planks.


For many years now, Swisspearl has been developing innovative and sustainable products made of natural materials, in the spirit of invention and with expert skills, for use in the building envelope, the interior design and the garden - fully focused on aesthetics, quality, and responsibility towards people and the environment. Swisspearl products from the workshops in Niederurnen and Payerne in Switzerland have become an essential part of Swiss building culture, and have also quickly won over the rest of the (building) world.


Low-maintenance, self-protecting architectural rolled zinc


Phenolic panels.


Dri-Design products provide true dry joints for rain-screen protection. Available in a variety of materials, colors, finishes, dimensions and textures to match your design needs, including Aluminum, Copper, VMZinc® and Shadow Series. No laminates, composites, sealants or gaskets – so building owners can benefit from low maintenance and long lasting visual appeal.

Dri-Design is available through SGH Concepts in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming. Ask an SGH Concepts representative about Dri-Design for your next project.


Metal wall panel & roof systems