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SGH Redglaze Holdings Inc. is a network of companies bound together to serve you better.

Whether you need architectural products, technology packages, or construction coordination, SGH Redglaze offers innovative solutions to your challenges.

Each company incorporates cutting-edge technology and assigns uniquely qualified experts to serve you. With the combined talent of our entire network available to you, your project results multiply while adding value throughout the life of your project. 

To learn more about the SGH Redglaze Holdings Inc. and see what other resources are available, please visit the website or contact us.

Associated Companies

HGI Resources

HGI Resources

HGI Resources provides support to both single- and multiple-phase national construction projects. Consisting of a team of architectural and engineering experts with vast construction knowledge utilizing cutting-edge technology, HGI completes the chain of communication and compliance at all project stages; maintaining both the design intent and integrity of national brand roll-out programs.

Check out the HGI Resources website for more information, or call today at 402.963.2761.

Riverside Technologies Inc.

Riverside Technologies Inc.

Providing customization, integration and deployment of computer systems and accessories to companies large and small, Riverside Technologies (RTI) has IT solutions nationwide with a network of over 4,000 technicians. With enterprise solutions from repairs and Help Desk services, to network and device management, RTI helps reduce hardware and operating costs by providing companies with a defined IT roadmap.

Check out the RTI website for more information, or call today at 866.804.4388.